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Hoopsmiles Store

Return Policy

Hoopsmiles is not in charge of fulfilling orders and/or handling customer service of any product sold in the Hoopsmiles store.  For T-shirts, collaborating businesses with Printify handle all the orders and shipping.  


T-shirts sold here are print on demand, which means products are unique and produced once they are ordered, which means refunds are not eligible simply because you don’t like the shirt.  However, if there is a damaged product or error, Printify offers a free replacement or refund within 30 days of ordering.  For any other issue outside of manufacture error or damaged products, there are no returns. 


If you did receive a damaged product, and desire a refund, contact Printify through their website below, by clicking on “reprints and refunds”:

Thank You For Your Purchase

All the T-shirts here were designed by Hoopsmiles.  If you have a hula hoop related T-shirt and/or product you would like to sell in the Hoopsmiles store, please contact Hoopsmiles at booking@hoopsmiles.

Thank you for your purchase and supporting Hoopsmiles

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