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Hoopsmiles Hula Hoop Dance Performer How to Hula Hoop beginner to advanced

How to Hula Hoop for Beginners: Vol. 3

Moving right along in the how to hula hoop dance for beginners series.  Now that you can hoop around your waist and hoop around your hands, it's time to learn how to transition from hooping on your waist to lifting the hoop up, with your hand, above your head, as well as bringing the hoop back down to your waist again.  Knowing how to transition quickly and smoothly between hooping on your waist and hands can improve your flow, as well as prepare you for a multitude of hooping tricks to come.

Lift the Hoop from Waist to Lasso Above Head

Bring the Hoop from Lasso Back Down to Waist

Waist to Neck Transfer: Arms Inside Hoop

One Leg Escalator: Hooping Twizzle up Body Into Lasso

One Handed Isolations: Revolving Your Hoop Around A Center Point

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