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In this section, we will look at various hula hoop tricks from using your feet to doing vortex hooping related positions, along with my favorite, chest hooping.  Foot hooping can be a great workout and way to stretch your body, as well as a fun way to hula hoop.  There are multiple ways to transition in and out of foot hooping. Grab the attention of your friends and audience with your foot hooping skills.

How to Hula Hoop for Beginners: Vol. 4

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Hoopsmiles Hula Hoop Dance Performer How to Hula Hoop beginner to advanced

How to Hula Hoop on Your Feet

Foot Pass Hand-Off

Hula Hooping Around Your Chest

The vortex (a combination of moving the hoop up and down with your hands), a hoop trick you will find in this section, is one of the more popular hoop tricks out there.  Not to mention, it looks really awesome. 

Vortex Related Tricks

Vortex Hooping (An Up and Down Continuous Hand Hooping Motion

Isolated Vortex

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