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Hoopsmiles Hula Hoop Dance Performer How to Hula Hoop beginner to advanced

How to Hula Hoop for Beginners: Vol. 1

How to hula hoop around the waist.  To get started watch my "How To Hula Hoop Rap Song" video, teaching you how to hula hoop around your waist in the form of a rap song.

Hoopsmiles' How To Hula Hoop Rap Song

In my experience, if someone asks, "Do you know how to hula hoop?"  I get a sense that this question usually refers to whether or not you can hula hoop around your waist.  In reality, there are so many ways you can hula hoop, such as on your hand, foot, elbow, neck, legs, chest, etc.  Hooping is not just restricted to your waist.   


In this series of video tutorials, you will look at various ways you can hula hoop dance and how to perform various hula hoop tricks.  Here's an opportunity to explore yourself and get creative, along with finding new ways to work out your body and have fun at the same time.  


Hooping has changed my life.  May hooping inspire you too.  Enjoy.

Hoopsmiles Colapsible Hula Hoop

How to Hula Hoop for Beginners: Lv. 1 Continued

Now that you have seen the, “How to Hula Hoop Rap Song,” and are on your way to becoming a hula hoop master, take the next step in your hoop dance journey.  Diversify your hooping arsenal. Learn some more hoop tricks.  Below you will find more videos for hooping maneuvers that involve using your hands.  The first video, hooping in Lasso, involves spinning the hoop above your head, around the palm of your hand.  The second video looks at handing the hoop off around your body, as well as hand-off related tricks.

Hand Hooping In Lasso Above Your Head

Hula Hoop Hand-Off

One-Handed Weaves Hooping Tutorial

Vertical Lasso Hooping

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