Hoopsmiles Performance Pricing ( Seattle Area)

Below you will find my hula hoop performance pricing packages for events located in Washington State.  For out of state or international bookngs, rates may vary.  Most of the package rates are listed for an hour in length, but can be customized to fit your event.  Click on the "Performance Estimate" button below to get a free estimate.  Thank you.

Package A ($150.00 + Travel)
10 to 15 minute hooping performance, 45 mins of hula hoop play / instruction, and up to 20 hoop rentals (Extra hoops are $3 per hoop)
Package B Hoop Concert $200 + Travel
This package includes the same as package A, but also includes a performance of my How To Hula Hoop Rap Song, which has over a quarter million views on YouTube. If needed, this package also includes a concert speaker system rental for the performance hour, which can be used to play preferred music during the hula hoop instruction and play time. (Extra hoops are $3 extra per hoop for the first hour. Each consecutive hour is $1 extra.)
Package C Hoop Concert $250 + Travel
Package C is 1 hour in length. It includes a 25 to 30 minute How To Hula Hoop Rap Song Concert with multiple How to Hoop Rap Songs performed. In addition, there is a 30 minute period of hula hoop play / instruction time, with up to 20 hoop rentals included. (Extra hoops are $3 per hoop for the first hour and $1 for each additional hour)
Package D Hoop Concert $300 + Travel
This package lasts for 1.5 hours. It includes the same features as package C, but has an additional 30 minutes of play and instruction time. (Extra hoops are $3 per hoop for the first hour. After the first hour, each hoop rental is $1 per hour),
10 to 15 Minute Show $100 + Travel
This package includes a 10 15 minute main stage hooping performance
Hoop Instruction /Play $100 + Travel
This package includes 1 hour of hula hoop instruction and play time, with up to 10 hoop rentals for your guests.
Festival Package $150
This Package includes 1 hour of impromptu style performance and instruction as people come and go. This package is great for larger events where other activities are taking place. If you desire hoops, the first 20 hoop rentals are $1 per hoop for each hour.
Custom Hoopsmiles Performance
Create your own Hoopsmiles performance by customizing how long you want Hoopsmiles to perform and instruct. Fill out Hoopsmiles' performance estimate form to get an estimate or contact booking@hoopsmiles.com.
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The pricing Packages listed above are only applicable to performances in the greater Seattle area and parts of Washington State.  Pricing for out of state and out of the coutry performances may vary from the prices above.