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"Hand crafted, collapsible hoops by Seattle area local hoop smiths, from beginner to advanced, for hoop fitness to hoop dancing, or just having fun, take your hoop with you where ever you go."

Hoopsmiles Hoops
Hoopsmiles Tye-Dye Hoops For Sale
Hoopsmiles Hoops

Hoopsmiles  Collapsible Hoop Collection

Why  Buy a Hoopsmiles Hoop?

1. Portability: A convenient function of a Hoopsmiles hoop is its portability. Very rarely will you find a store-bought hoop that can collapse down to a smaller size.  If you ever decide to travel and take your hoop with you, collapsible hoops are the best hoop choice.  In an African adventure I had in Tanzania, I equipped myself with a fold up collapsible hoop.  Fitting easily, folded up in the overhead compartment of the plane, the hoop travelled with me half way around the world to a small Tanzanian village, where I was able to share the joyful gift of hooping.  Without the portability of that hoop, there’s a chance that life changing, priceless hoop experience would have never happened.


2.  Hoop Tape: Often times, what you don’t get from store bought hoops are the benefits of hoop taping.  Bare tubing can make for a more slippery hoop, which can make hooping more difficult for beginners.  When observing a hoop wrapped in gaffer tape, such as a Hoopsmiles Tye-Dye hoop, notice how the gaffer tape appears to be like cloth, with intricate grooves and weaves.  Having this added texture on your hoop can add extra grip, which can make hooping easier.  Not to mention, gaffer tape can also add aesthetic appeal.

Hoopsmiles Hoop Gaffer Tape Close Up

Hoopsmiles Tye-Dye  Hoop Close  Up

3. Hoop Size:  Many of the hoops in the store are too light and small, and not meant for beginner hoopers.  When you first start out hooping, I recommend using a larger hoop size, such as in the 40 inch plus range.  Larger hoops can make a multitude of hoop tricks easier, as well as can be great for hoop exercises and fitness.  The larger the hoop is the slower the hoop revolves around your body.  Smaller, lighter hoops rotate at a faster rate, which can make it much more challenging to hoop with.   


4. Durability: Cheap hoops in the store might not always be the most durable products.  I can’t recall how many times I’ve seen what appears to be a flimsy store bought hoop bent and kinked in someone’s trash can.  If you plan on taking your hoop with you places, such as to the park or beach, then I recommend making sure you have a durable hoop.  Hoopsmiles hoops are made from strong plastic piping.  Though it was on accident, I've even ran over handmade hoops with my car to discover I could still hoop with them.    


5. Support Hoopsmiles:  All my hoops for sale are hand decorated in the greater Seattle area of the United States.  When buying a Hoopsmiles hoop, you are also supporting Hoopsmiles, that fellow by the name of Jon Coyne, along with other local hoop makers.  To continuously produce entertaining and educational YouTube content it costs money.  Your hoop purchases aid Hoopsmiles in his hooping dreams.  Thank you for your support.  

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